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We have now mapped 100% of England and Wales in the search for lost paths! Join the movement to be the first to find out what we’ve uncovered, and to get involved with the next steps for saving them.

Don't Lose Your Way

Thousands of people have joined the search for lost paths, and together we have mapped all of England and Wales in just six weeks, an amazing achievement. Thank you to everyone who got involved.

We’re now busily checking through all the data, and will soon be able to announce how many lost paths we found.

This is only the first step to saving these paths and, now we know where they are, the hard work starts. Putting the paths back on the map will require us all to work together.

Join the movement to find out what comes next, and get involved with saving these paths before its too late.

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As Britain’s leading walking charity, we believe everyone has the right to enjoy the outdoors on foot. We want all paths that are not on the definitive map to be saved before it’s too late, and we can only do this with your help. Please support our work:

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Do you have a favourite path? Have your family walked on the same paths for generations? Send us your stories and for any questions: 0203 961 3283

Don't Lose Your Way is generously supported by Ramblers Holidays Charitable Trust and players of People’s Postcode Lottery